Dearest you,

I've always had the urge to re-create the classic blue jeans and white shirt look for as long as I can remember. It just always look so effortless, chic and elegant. For some obscure reason , I never really had a white t-shirt or the right wash of jeans in my closet. All that changed one night, after endlessly scrolling through Bershka for about the fifth time that week. I came across a little sleeveless ribbed shirt and although I've always pictured a silky blouse, I couldn't help but gravitate towards it.  I made a purchase a couple days later.
water resistant work shoes

On the scorching afternoon heat of June seventh, my friend Faith and I made plans to have a photo shoot. She came over to my place as a effort to change scenery and we spent a little over thirty minutes catching up. We informed each other of our whereabouts for the week as we waited for her camera battery to charge. We headed outside to commence the shoot but soon realized that the memory card was a no show.  We laughed off the silly mistake as we waited for our taxi. So much for a change of scenery huh?

The sun was playing its usual game of hide and seek as we hurried to get ready. It wasn't long before we were outside posing and playing with camera settings. We shot up to two looks that day in three different locations. To say luck fiercely stood beside us that afternoon would be an understatement. We rewarded ourselves with fruity Popsicle's as we went back in to review our work.

I ended up spending the weekend, content on what we were able to achieve. Overall it was a weekend well spent.  Overall I loved the way I styled the look. The jean jacket was thrift-ed at buffalo exchange over three months before and the mom jeans had been with me for over two years now. I felt like a greaser in the "Outsiders".
Jean Jacket- Thrift ITEM
EDITED : Faith&Ayele
Photography : FAITH
Styling :  Ayele/ Yours Truly
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