SUNDAY, June 30th   10:42 am
Cheers to summer adventures

Dearest You,
Yesterday , My friend faith and I met up for a fun summer adventure. We embarked on a journey to a cute cafe near her neighborhood in the scorching heat. It was a little over 79 degrees, and the walk itself seemed impossible. Thankfully, faith persisted on us carrying water bottle filled with ice before we left the house. Not to get dramatic, but it practically saved our lives. 

We arrived at the cafe eventually after what seemed like forever & everything seemed worth it. It was surrounded by mini plants and was as millennial classified : aesthetic. 

We chit chatted about everything& nothing as we enjoyed our Lattes & hot chocolates. With sides of lemon scones and almond croissants of course. But that wasn't before we took an abundance of pictures. In the midst of everything, we decided to splurge and order from the brunch menu. After all , we haven't eaten anything all morning.  The rest of the day was spent taking photos of each other, watching "Gossip Girl"and enjoying each other's company.
Ps. Also got to premiere my new everyday purse. I got it from a little consignment store in the city. It's a  Brighton Patent leather wallet/cross body. Originally twenty-two dollars but I got it at the discounted price of $5.50. A total steal.
cheers to more little adventures,


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